In the first century church in Jerusalem, as described in Acts 2, the Holy Spirit moved among the people so that “All the believers lived in wonderful harmony, holding everything in common…so that each person’s need was met.” (The Message Translation) Wilson’s Mills Christian Church (WMCC) has taken that example and endeavored to assist those less fortunate especially in our own community. Our church mission statement reflects this emphasis:

“…the mission of Wilson’s Mills Christian Church is to reach out in ways that bring both people from the surrounding community and within the church into a relationship with Jesus Christ resulting in faithful, passionate discipleship.

Our discipleship will be defined by our love (Do we love God, our neighbors, and each other? Matt. 22:36-40), our service (Do we serve God, our neighbors and each other? Matt. 20: 26-28), and our witness (Do we witness for God to our neighbors and to each other? Matt. 24:14; 28:19).”

The efforts of WMCC to make a difference in this community has influenced the way our congregation perceives itself. This influence may best be described by the comments of two of our members:

“Our church is an island in a sea of judgment,” and “we are small but mighty.”